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Fall 2012 Residents Advertisements

Naive Bayes Classifier for identifying my DNS exfiltration packets – w00t

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3 months of Hacker School for this!

Machine Learning baby steps with Hilary Mason’s video series

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Jessica speaking my language – Buffer Overflows and Exploits

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Learning sklearn while my dataset loads into pandas dataframe

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my attempt at getting a job

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Sometimes a simple check of length is all you need

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MD5 hashed DNS requests to “”

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SHA1 hashed DNS requests to “”

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Twisted local DNS server with all my DNS being evaluated

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Here is just the query name request

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DNS Server receiving hashed message and message parsed out

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.40.37 PMDNS Server message received and DNS queries being handled



Simple Intro to Crypto that my brain likes – almost infographic




Python Machine Learning with the KDD Cup 1999 Attack Data Set



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Training set and testing set

Machine learning is about learning some properties of a data set and applying them to new data. This is why a common practice in machine learning to evaluate an algorithm is to split the data at hand in two sets, one that we call a training set on which we learn data properties, and one that we call a testing set, on which we test these properties.(from sklearn website)


sklearn is a Python module integrating classic machine learning algorithms in the tightly-knit world of scientific Python packages (numpyscipymatplotlib).

Fitting data

The main API implemented by scikit-learn is that of the estimator. An estimator is any object that learns from data; it may a classification, regression or clustering algorithm or a transformer that extracts/filters useful features from raw data.

Addition Reading


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