Explanation of my projects at Hacker School

by Security Dude


First project at Hacker School demonstrating my humble beginnings.

Scaling Website Code

Collection of concept ideas written in python. Like memcache, round robin, bloomfilter and hashes.

Persistent Storage

Collection of techniques and methods. Technique to commit list, dict and object storage into ZODB.

Hacker School first week toy projects

Variety of scripts created in the first week of Hacker School. Screenscraper, keylogger, iSight capture, Hacker School map, lambda, reduce brain teaser.

Learning Classes, Netflix API, Flask

Collection of scripts testing ideas about access to Netflix API, using Flask

Twisted Examples

Collection of programs created from the Twisted Framework. Finger Server, HTTP Server, UpperCase Server, Caching Proxy HTTP Server. I also contributed to Twisted and I documented the contributions.

Python Intrusion Detection POC [work in progress]

Using the KDD Cup 1999 dataset, I built an IDS anomaly detection engine for identifying 4 categories of network security attacks. This python system was built to learn about the fundamentals of python network programming, machine learning and lexing – parsing. This system is a slow python POC version of commercial systems available today written in C.

Introduction to Python Network Programming

Using ideas and concepts around Python Network Programming I built a bunch of tools in python. Network Scanners, Packet sniffers, Network Stress testing tools, DNS tools, Proxy Caching Server (later converted to Twisted), Chat Server.

Final Project – DFTP [work in progress]

Domain Name Service File Transfer Protocol (DFTP) Client and Server. Exfiltration with text files, pdf etc.

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