DevOps example of why we all build BitTorrent at HS

by Security Dude


One of the projects that HackerSchoolers tend to gravitate towards is BitTorrent from scratch. Most build their version out of python. Some build their own reactor patterned event loops from scratch. Some build from the model. Some use Twisted. Most see the practical value of building the BitTorrent protocol and learning about pieces, loops, python network programming, hashing, and TCP/IP.

Coding and solving engineering problems are two different beasts. This is where it pays off to understand the big picture in using software design patterns to solve engineering problems. I was searching around the interwebs for a great example for me to understand where implementing the BitTorrent protocol is cool.

I found a blog post by the ETSY engineering team on how they solved large file transfers challenges of Solr indexes from Master to Slave servers. They cut their transfer times from 60 minutes to 6. Awesome improvement. They even opened their patch for others to use. Nerd Life!