Building a cache proxy server out of Twisted Framework

by Security Dude

Josh was helping me fix one of the errors I have been stuck on all day. I was trying to return a generator that was deferred. I guess I’m new to return statements and generators. I didn’t know that they can’t live on the same line. (Glad this wasn’t a chemistry class with explosive material)

I still haven’t fixed it. Below is a diagram that I created to help me understand what I was trying to build. Its really simple.

Today’s lesson is about knowing the fundamentals. I figured out that I need to learn more about async programming. Josh shared a link below that should help in learning this new framework.

This multi-part series introduces Asynchronous Programming and the Twisted networking framework.

  1. In Which We Begin at the Beginning
  2. Slow Poetry and the Apocalypse
  3. Our Eye-beams Begin to Twist
  4. Twisted Poetry
  5. Twistier Poetry
  6. And Then We Took It Higher
  7. An Interlude, Deferred
  8. Deferred Poetry
  9. A Second Interlude, Deferred
  10. Poetry Transformed
  11. Your Poetry is Served
  12. A Poetry Transformation Server
  13. Deferred All The Way Down
  14. When a Deferred Isn’t
  15. Tested Poetry
  16. Twisted Daemonologie
  17. Just Another Way to Spell “Callback”
  18. Deferreds En Masse
  19. I Thought I Wanted It But I Changed My Mind
  20. Wheels within Wheels: Twisted and Erlang
  21. Lazy is as Lazy Doesn’t: Twisted and Haskell
  22. The End