Hamster Wheel of Pain vs 10 Things I’m thankful for right now!

by Security Dude

Hamster wheel of Pain vs. Yak Shaving

There comes a time in Hacker School when you reach the half way mark. I’ve noticed everyones energy has changed. My energy has changed. Now that we are at the half way mark its time to get “serious”.

I get it, its time to stop “yak shaving”, stop surfing Twitter or Facebook, stop watching videos and start shipping code.

We are all on our own hamster wheel of pain

It’s a fine balance between being friends with everyone and getting past the social aspects of meeting 50 new people. I want HS to be the best place on earth for code craftsmanship!

I’m very thankful for being given a chance to attend HS. Everyday is filled with “WIN”. I try everyday.

How I learned to learn

I’ve learned a lot about programming, but its really about how I learned to learn. How I learned when I’m most effective. How I learned what distractions kept me from being really productive. How I learned what kind of people help me learn. How I learned what things make me successful.  How I learned that sleep is king.

10 Things I’m thankful for right now!

1. I’m thankful for all the Love and support in my life

2. I’m thankful for my family and friends

2. I’m thankful there is a place like Hacker School

3. I’m thankful for the good things of the Internet

4. I’m thankful for SARA, my MBP

5. I’m thankful I travelled the world

6. I’m thankful for all the good people I meet and learn from.

7. I’m thankful for being in NYC and all its randomness

8. I’m thankful for coffee

9. I’m thankful for the sunshine

10. I’m thankful that I still have another 6 weeks of Hacker School