Sandy is making us leave our place

by Security Dude

Zone A Evacuation – People escaping by car

In New York City, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has just announced that the subways and buses will stop running at 7 P.M., along with Metro North and the Long Island Rail Road—the most brutal blow for New Yorkers, cutting us off both from the routes in and out of town and from each other.

Two of my roommates have left. A friend on mine across the street in Zone A has been evacuated. He told me that cops came to his door and told him to get out. Cops also said that power would be cut and people would be locked out of the buildings. Is it just a scare tactic? Cops are driving around blasting messages of evacuation on their bullhorns.

There are still some people holed up in their places in Zone A. I can see their TV’s on, watching news of the storm. As of 1:00am I have seen some tweets that are reporting of flooding in south Brooklyn already from the storm surge. Here is my picture of Grand Central from earlier in the day before the MTA shutdown the train stations (photos of closed station here)