Knowledge Sharing

by Security Dude


Today was an awesome day. We setup a small ad-hoc network. Connected almost 10 people and setup VirtualBox with Backtrack5 R3 on everyones laptop. We set up a Windows XP SP2, and Metasploitable boxes on the network too and walked thru demos of Fasttrack, Social Engineering Toolkit, and the basics of Metasploit. We even watched a video on Armitage (everyone’s jaw dropped as they watched how easy and trivial it was to pwn a Microsoft Windows network).

I should have spent more time setting up the lab. Eventually were able to set up Metasploitable and a few people used Metasploit techniques to get root on the box. Here are some resources:

Basic Jargon

List of modules



Videos for pentesters

Metaploit Pentester Blog