Making new friends in NYC, including making friends with failure

by Security Dude

I have met some of the most random people that I would never have had the pleasure of meeting in my life.  I got used to being comfortable in my life. I got used to routine. I got used to being on the other side of hardship of working hard.

In New York, I have met a bunch of new awesome people. I’m always amazed by everyones unique story. I’ve heard about how people have come to America to try and get their slice of the “American Dream”. I have learned about their journey to New York. I have learned about their journey.

I have met a painter from NYC, a photographer from Israel, a pizza-maker/business man from Italy, an architect finishing his Phd from Italy, economist from Belgium, aspiring Rubyists at some Meetups and a bunch of HackerSchooler from all over the world.

Despite the differences between each of the stories, I have noticed that we have something in common. One common thread to bind us. We have all learned to make failure our friend. 

We are all a product of the best things that we do. The best decisions and actions. Failure doesn’t define us. I think it helps balance our perspective. Embrace failure. I know I’ve had to, and I’m OK with that.