Learning to contribute to Open Source Software (OSS)

by Security Dude

We are going to work on a bug for OpenHatch

Checking the interwebs we find out there is a “Getting started with OpenHatch code” page

We find a n00b bug ready for us to tackle – Issue 745 be prepared to be debugged!

We go and research where on the production site where the bug exists

Following the instructions on the website we install the development environment and code based onto our laptop

You will notice that we have the “oh-mainline” code base in our directory

Using “git grep ‘Patch does not'” we find the error message from the bug in our local development instance

Jumping in to VIM we edit the file and find the code where error is learn what is going on (this is the hard part). You can either use pdb debugger or use print statements.

Finally we test the complete code base with the built in UnitTest suite.

Our offering to the OpenHatch maintainers.  Please accept our patch for Issue 745.

This patch looks great. It’d be even better with a test case, which should be fairly easy to add. That way, future refactorings won’t lose the support for this case. Can I interest you in adding that?

No one and I are working on the bug

Another great read from another Hacker Schooler on the same subject.