Learning to understand the code – Online Python Tutor

by Security Dude

Philip Guo reviewed some of the top level functions responsible for OPT. I learned that the docs for OPT are an essential starting point for any developer. I have never contributed to open source software and it was awesome being able to learn from the author of a project that I have used for the past 6 months to help me learn python.

OPT leverages the bdb Debugger framework to “look under the hood” of what python is doing.

He explained how he leveraged bdb to allow introspection of the python objects.  The back end would walk through the submitted python code step by step. Each of the values for each step gets converted from python data structures into JSON. (Did I say that correctly?)

Using JSON compliant structure, OPT backend spits out JSON objects that OPT front end visualization code takes and renders in the users browser. I prolly didn’t explain it eloquently for anyone except myself. Hope this post helps someone.