Is this the reality of a good programmer?

by Security Dude

Here is a matrix that was forwarded to me by @armitagej. He always stumbles on the most interesting news related to my career. I’ve looked through the matrix and I’ve noticed that the log(n) topics are routine conversations at Hacker School. A quick glance through each category and I’m surprised that there aren’t any categories on dedication, code craftsmanship,  resourcefulness and socialization.

But that’s an opinion from a person who’s from the business side of technology, or from a person who cares about the “fit” of a person in a team, company and culture. I was really surprised that I’m at Hacker School. I felt like I’m and impostor (impostor syndrom).

Yesterday, I had the chance to share some of my experience with Big Data with a few Hackerschoolers. In this whiteboard session, I had a chance to share about some of the technology stack around my security project. In sharing, I realized that my definition of a “great programmer” revolves around a coder who is skilled at sharing, on a whiteboard, in presentations, on blogs, on twitter, on youtube, in research papers and on github. I’m hoping to be a “great programmer” one day. My journey continues.