Looking at what I did this week

by Security Dude

Technically, I learned about maps, reducers, and lambdas, python bridges, iterm, macvim, reading documentation online, and a xml parsing lib. I’m not certain it was a productive week in terms of lines of code but something awesome came out of this week.

The best part of the week was working with smart, resourceful and skilled passionate coders who care about their craft.  Coders who go out of their way to explain their projects, assist you with your challenges, and engage you with their best effort.

We have formed a python study group for Hacker Schoolers and we now have a core group that will meet weekly. Believe me, it’s not a room filled with n00bs. Veteran python programmers will be joining us to share.

I’ve been to a bunch of Meetups in NYC and I’ve noticed a pattern.  In each of the meetups, they struggle with one thing.  Mentors.  Most of the attendees struggle with learning. Others are helpful, but the attendees gravitate to the organizer.  This puts a ton of pressure for the organizer to mentor each of the attendees. If there are 20 people in the hour, well you can do the math.

At Hacker School, we have the luxury and privilege to help anyone or everyone. We have group chat, google groups, email distribution lists, blogs, twitter, facebook, and pairing to make it awesome. At Hacker School everyone is a mentor.