Day 2 – Reflection

by Security Dude

Lesson 1

My day started with me saying  “What? You don’t know about NMAP?”.  Simple words of astonishment, but it’s what it does to someone asking the question that the problem.  I created an unsafe learning opportunity. I apologized and brightened up the move with a morning lesson to a classmate about the basic use of NMAP and the basic one liner.

nmap <target>

Then we reviewed my classmates awesome project. I was humbled by his project and coding skills.  Egoless programming and maintaining a safe learning experience is key to good friendships and good learning.

Lesson 2

I routinely set up my desktop elements across spaces. Terminal window in one space, browser in another, editor in another, and Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, Linkedin, and Google news in the remaining spaces. Email too. I would use my trackpad tons.  Swipe here and there.

In addition, I’m not a shortcut ninja, and I also like to code in the python interpreter.  I have always developed small python programs in iPython Notebook or the python interpreter.  Also, pushing the up arrows and down arrows etc. to move around was my MO.

All those distractions are wasting good programming time.

I have a new customized dev environment, thanks to Nick. I’m using iTerm for split screen tmux management of my terminal screens. For my editor I’m using MacVIM. I closed all the other windows. One browser with YouTube streaming music and python documentation. That’s it. No constant distractions or little pop ups.  Screens don’t need any swipes to move across spaces. I guess today was more the effort of trying to settle in, opposed to productive programming. Break your bad habits to be more productive.

By the way, I did get working via XML parser vs. text processing. I’m thankful for that.