DevOps job posting – 2015 is the year for DevOps

by Security Dude

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Are you both a bit-twiddling techie and people/process geek? Have you lived both as a developer and a system administrator? Do the ideas of the DevOps movement resonate with you? We are currently looking for DevOps Principals, people who know both development and operations and can lead engagements to bring these groups together into a smooth running machine. We want people who see technology, process and organizational problems, are driven to fix them and along the way influence the industry to move in a better direction.
It’s about big brains not big egos
When some people think of leaders they see them working in corner offices at the top of the building. That’s not how it works here. Yes, you’ll be one of our most experienced senior people and with that will come significant responsibility for how we manage and deliver business-critical software solutions. But we don’t do heavy management or big company politics.
We are collaborators,which means you’ll be sat around the same table as project managers, developers, architects, testers and analysts, coming up with creative ways to translate concepts and ideas into practical and tactical solutions, foster innovation and maximize customer’s ROI.


  • Understand the needs and challenges of a client that span development and operations, and partner to formulate solutions that support their business and technical strategies and goals.
  • Develop solutions encompassing technology, process, people, and practice for:
    •  Build and release management
    •  Infrastructure strategy & operations
    •  Operations service delivery and support
    •  IT organizational structure and responsibilities
    •  Business continuity
    •  Security
  • Implement solutions, not just recommend them.  We fundamentally believe in advice based on hands-on delivery experience
  • Mentor and coach teams in the approach and execution of projects.
  • Provide technical leadership across all areas of the build, release and operations, to ensure delivery of exceptional technical solutions

</From Job Board>