Learning the stuff that scares me the most

by Security Dude

I have had difficulty picking up the concept of classes in Python. I’m not sure why, but it’s been a problem. I learned classes in Java easily. When I learned classes in Ruby, it clicked instantly. But every time I tried learning it in Python, I would come up short.

I have been avoiding Python classes for some time now.

So, the other morning, I decided that I would tackle it.  Intent to consume all of the online exercises and readings, I found a quiet spot in my favourite café, grabbed my favourite drink, and made up my mind to spend the time to understand the lesson. I created the standard demo classes, like shapes and animal classes. I kept creating classes until I didn’t have to reference any material.  I created objects and had the objects interact with each other. Then something clicked and I had that “aha moment”. Liberating.

Now my new objective is to grok classes and tackle the hard stuff that scares me most.  That’s why I applied to Hacker School in NYC. That’s why I’m going to Hacker School this fall in NYC. I’ve finally decided to be a better programmer and tackle the stuff that scares me the most.