Women in computing

by Security Dude

Global concerns about current and future roles of women in computing occupations gained more importance with the emerging information age. These concerns motivated public policy debates addressing gender equality as computer applications exerted increasing influence in society. This dialog helped to expand information technology innovations and to reduce the unintended consequences of perceived sexism. http://Wikipedia.com

The Need

There is a gender imbalance in software and computing fields. Very few women opt to become programmers, system administrators, or hardware/software engineers. The number of women who try, seems to be falling rather than rising.

Many solutions try coercive schemes to achieve “gender parity”. We propose to treat this as a journey, hoping for a global movement. There are many barriers faced by women in computing, such as the cost of education, and there is a struggle through the academic pipeline, from childhood to postdoctoral studies.

Whether it’s social conditioning or systematic institutional discouragement, women are simply not on equal footing for learning opportunities.

Our aim is to share our success and give the tools to the community to reproduce in other communities.

Our Solution

Our program is a three-month, full-time, skills workshop for becoming a better programmer. The program will be free and provide space, structure, time to focus, and a friendly community of smart mentors.

We are an agile, motivated, and passionate group dedicated to self-powered learning Ruby on Rails in several weeks, in a safe learning space for beginners. We provide an awesome space, a safe learning environment for beginners, and a learning structure to keep them on track. Each woman will bring passion to learn and we’ll give them an experience they will never forget.

We will take 12 women who are not software engineers and provide them skills to enter the workforce as Junior Developer/Programmers. Our goal will be to have all them employed as software engineers in BC.

We intend to publish (open source) all of our budgets, lesson plans, and lectures.

We want to teach women about software development in order to help them pursue their passions, their dreams, and ideas.